Oh Sh*t, Could Namco vs Capcom be in the Works?

GI makes an interesting point about a Namco Vs. Capcom game possibly being announced at Comic-Con 2010. Just a few days ago at the EVO fighting game tournament, Namco Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada and Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono took some playful jabs at each other, with info being revealed that a new fighting game trailer will be revealed on Saturday, July 24th during Comic-Con. GI sources claim there might be TWO games in development:

“According to our sources, Capcom will make a Capcom vs. Namco game using the Street Fighter IV engine and Namco Bandai will create Namco vs. Capcom with the Tekken 6 engine. This means that each game will play and look like whichever company is creating it. Think hadoukens, Ultra Combos, and 2.5D presentation on the Capcom side and three dimensional movement, in-depth move lists, and most likely, a playable panda on the Namco side.”

That’s absolutely crazy. We’re already thinking what those Madcatz’s tournament sticks will look like. Either way, bring both games on!

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