Microsoft’s Natal Renamed & Revealed, Announce Games

So at a pre-E3 bash in Los Angelas, Microsoft showed industry experts their previously named Project Natal project, now dubbed the Kinect. Scheduled to hit retail shelves November 4th, the motion-control peripheral looks to compete with the Nintendo Wii and Sony’s recently announced Wand in giving gamers a more hands-on experience in the gaming realm. With the announcement of a release date and new name comes new games to follow.

The biggest highligh in the Kinect line-up is clearly the Star Wars Lightsaber game, which will be developed by Lucas Arts and Microsoft. The game will feature controller-free lightsaber battles and apparently played well at the exclusive event. Some of the other games introduced we’re Nintendo knock-offs, such as Kinect Sports, which will include bowling, hurdles, javelin, soccer and beach volleyball; plus Kinectamals, which looks like a cross between Nintendogs and Sony’s EyePet. MTV will bring a dance game as well that will include time-based challenges and basic dance mechanics. Other titles for launch include an all-new Sonic Riders, EA’s Sports Active 2.0 and The Biggest Loser.

Time will tell if the Kinect can build a relationship with it’s Xbox 360 audience, but now gamers have another reason to look forward to the holiday season. More news to follow going into E3, so stay tuned. Thank Kotaku for the shot.


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