Is Rambo 5 Really Dead?

First Sylvester Stallone claims the project is dead, but judging by the recent film poster shown at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Millennium Films might have something different to say. Executive Producer of “The Expendables,” Boaz Davidson caught up with Deadline magazine and broke down the actual film’s synopsis.

John Rambo returns home, finds out his father died. Only a mexican family that worked for his father lives in the Rambo house, which is next to the mexican border. The daughter of the mexican family decides to celebrate her birthday in Mexico, where she disappears. John Rambo starts looking for her, and finds out a connection to a slave traders(?) ring. Davidson says it will be pretty realistic and bloody again.

So who do you believe? Stallone or Davidson? Let’s hope the project stays dead, unless it has the countless brutal fatalities of the fourth film, then we’re talking.


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