Russian Magazine Reveals Gears of War 3 Details

All Games Beta got the scoop on Gears of War 3, and if you can translate the russian text from the gaming magazine clips, you have some spoilers on your hand. Someone over on the Epic Games forums saved everyone time and broke through the language barrier, revealing some interesting tidbits about the game. For starters, Gears 3 apparently takes place 18 months after the last game. For more spoilers and pics, keeping reading:

– The big rumor has Gears 3 being compared to the Kevin Costner bomb, “Waterworld,” as the remaining species on the flooded planet call the sea their residence and form different tribes. We trust Epic Games…this won’t be nothing like “Waterworld.”

– Most of the action takes place onboard a “large man-made island built on several warships” pieced together, called the “Raven’s Nest.”

– Marcus’ father, Adam, joins the team, alongside series favorites Marcus and Dom, plus the first female solider, Anya.

-The game will feature mechs called “Silverbacks” and tackle an easier difficulty level.

– This will be the final title in the Marcus Fenix trilogy, but the franchise is set to continue with possible spin-offs, prequels, etc.

Now’s the time to get giddy!

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