KIN Phone Keeps it in the Social Media Family

Verizon and Microsoft have joined forces to produce possibly the best social networking smartphone on the market: The KIN. Available in two models (One and Two), both touch-screen phones feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for messaging and texting, and allows owners to share and sync photos, messages and videos to their social networking pages (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace). In addition, the phone’s home screen, referred to as the “KIN Loop”, automatically keeps tabs of all friend and family updates.

That’s only the beginning. The KIN is the first Windows Phone to feature ZUNE capability, granting audiophiles the opportunity to stream and listen to music on the go. Email access is accommodated for as well—Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo and several other email providers are supported. Best of all, users can store all their contacts, text messages and photos/videos for free on the KIN Studio website. And both phones feature an anti-shake, autofocus LED flash camera for brighter and clear pictures.

The Kin One and Two are up for pre-sale at the Verizon Wireless website, and will be available nationwide at Verizon stores Thursday, May 13. For more information, shoot over to the Kin website. Here’s a breakdown of the specs:

Kin One ($49.99 after $100 mail-in-rebate and 2-year contract)
– 4GB of memory
– 5 megapixel camera
– Compact keyboard for one-handed texting
– Shoots SD video
– Mono speaker

Kin Two ($99.99 after $100 mail-in-rebate & 2-year contract)
– 8 GB of memory
– 8 megapixel camera
– Expanded keyboard for two-handed texting
– Shoots HD Video
– Stereo speakers

—Alejandro Bracetti


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