Jackson Speaks on Nick Fury in other Marvel Films

Latinoreview got the goods on Samuel L. Jackson’s status on the upcoming “Thor” and “The Avenger.” As we all know, Jackson signed a nine picture deal with Marvel to make guest appearances and possibly star in his own feature film as Nick Fury, but the actor drops some interesting tidbits about his appearances:

Did you read The Avengers script before…it looks like they’re going to re-write it?

Jackson: No. Have you? You know you have a source online.

Do you have any sort of desire, or campaign to have your own starring vehicle for that character?

Jackson: The Avengers is my own starring vehicle for that character, pretty much.
Why do you think you’re not in Thor? That’s kind of weird.

Jackson: I have no idea. I’m not in charge of making those kinds of decisions. I thought I was, they said I was in the trades and I was like, “Ooh! I got a job!” I called my agent he said, “Naw, you’re not in it.” I was like, “Well shit, they need to pay me if they’re gonna put my name in it. Somethin’.”

Read the entire interview over at

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