Inception Insider Spills More Batman 3 Secrets

LatinoReview got some AMAZING information on the new “Dark Knight” follow-up from an insider who worked production on Christopher Nolan’s “Inception.” The insider goes into what the proposed storyline looks like and what characters will be present:

So who would play the Riddler? Johnny Depp?

No. That would be nice, but they’re actually looking at Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is in Inception. There were rumors of him playing the Joker, but Nolan would never attempt to replace Heath. He said what they might do is show an imprisoned Joker in shadow in Arkham Asylum. Batman comes there to get some info from Scarecrow and is taunted by Joker when he passes his cell. It would actually be Heath’s voice taken from unused line readings on set from Dark Knight. Probably a sentence or two, but enough to push Batman’s buttons. Then they also might use Penguin or Black Mask to head up what’s left of the mob. It may have looked like Sal Moroni died in Dark Knight, but Eric Roberts is said to be coming back as well.

What about Catwoman? Is she in it. Do they want Angelina Jolie?

She actually starts off the story, working for the mob to pull off the theft of a lost family heirloom for Penguin and Batman is impressed he can’t catch her. When he’s faced with the task of taking down all these criminals, she actually comes to his aid after he saves her life. Apparently, she is the love interest now that Rachel Dawes is dead and connects with both Bruce and Batman. It’s gonna be the first time we see a tender and vulnerable side of Batman because even though she’s a criminal, he slowly realizes he’s falling for her. Bruce Wayne has begun to accept that his role as Batman is a lifetime job and he’s found someone who truly understands him. From what I heard, Kate Beckinsale’s name has come up, but they are seriously looking at Emily Blunt after her work in Wolfman.

So Nolan said the ending would bring things full circle and be a real ending to the story. Is that true, do you know anything about it?

Obviously Warner Bros. is not gonna let him give this film a definitive ending. Chris actually said he was playing with the idea of ending the third film with a cliffhanger. The city will embrace Batman again because the main villain plays one last hand by destroying Arkham, releasing every major criminal including the Joker. Batman is not going to be worried, because by the end of the film he’s accepted his destiny and knows he will succeed with the help of Gordon, Alfred, Lucius Fox and maybe even Catwoman. It’s not gonna be a real cliffhanger in the sense that you know he’s Batman and will prevail long after the credits are over. Chris has many other project in mind, including doing a proper version of The Prisoner, but he and Bale have discussed the possibility of doing a story in the vein of The Dark Knight Returns in another ten to fifteen years. I think Warners will let him have his way. They’re pushing him to go with 3-D but its more than likely that he’ll get to shoot it entirely in IMAX this time like he wanted to with Dark Knight.

Nice April Fool’s Joke.

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