Saw VII Co-Writer Talks New Traps

“SAW VII” is in pre-production at the moment, and what most diehard fans wanna know is where will the franchise go after the sixth installment. Writer Patrick Meldon recently sat down with Dread Central to discuss the 3D entry and reveals some tidbits on what viewers can expect:

“In this one we have bigger traps and more traps and more characters – especially characters from the past (films) – than we’ve had in probably any other Saw movie. It’s definitely the most expensive and ambitious Saw movie that we’ve done. Some of it is in response to last year’s Saw VI, which, while being the most critically acclaimed Saw film in a while, didn’t do particularly as well (at the box office) as everyone would have hoped, so we are going pretty far with this one in terms of the scale and intensity of the traps and the amount of twists, especially into the third act, which is just a plethora of twists and reveals.”

Melton also discusses any possibility of a sequel to the heavily underrated “The Collector.” Hit the jump to read more.


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