Mercedes Benz F800 Concept

Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show next month, the Mercedes-Benz F800 concept car is highly-touted by Mercedes press release scribes for its eco-tech features. But what’s probably of greater interest to most is its stunningly gorgeous design, which is everyone’s first peek at what the next-generation CLS-Class sedan is going to look like. If this is just the beginning then there is a long road ahead of us.

The F800 introduces two new technologies that will become standard features in upcoming models; Distronic Plus Traffic Jam Assistant and Pre-Safe 360-degree system. The Distronic Plus is an enhanced version of Mercedes’ active cruise control system, which can now steer the car through curves as long as it’s traveling under 25 mph. The Pre-Safe 360-degree system expands on the existing Pre-Safe collision detection/mitigation system to the rear of the car, whereas now, if Pre-Safe senses that a rear-end impact is imminent, it’ll apply the brakes in a bid to keep the car from getting into any accidents.

Mercedes-Benz also boasts the concept’s flexible powertrain platform. The realistic option is a plug-in hybrid system that’s basically an offshoot of the V6 light-hybrid setup found in the S400 sedan. Mercedes says this new plug-in gas-electric system, which is good for over 400 combined horsepower, gives the car an EV-only driving range of 18 miles. The automaker has announced that a new plug-in system is headed to the next-gen S-Class, so don’t dismiss the F800’s hybrid setup as trendy green pandering.

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