Evolve Exclusive: Microsoft’s Project Natal in Action

The Evolve team took Microsoft up on their VIP invitation-only event at EZ Studios for a hands-on preview of the Xbox 360’s motion-sensor peripheral, Project Natal. Midtown, NYC welcomed industry experts to engage in the festivities, as partygoers literally jumped at the opportunity to test Microsoft’s latest project and become the actual game controller. Partygoers enjoyed the sounds of DJ Gatsby on the wheels of steel, while others put their gaming skills to the test in an exclusive demo for Project Natal. Here’s our exclusive footage.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=3373630&dest=-1]

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  1. […] the Project Natal pricing. The Sweedish retailer, along with two other sites (Game, MCV) have the Xbox 360 motion sensor peripheral running for $1,499 SEK, which is closely under $200. Hmm, should we believe this will be the final […]

  2. […] rumors had Microsoft’s Project Natal running for under $200, but now comes news. Now Edge Online reports Microsoft’s Project Natal […]

  3. […] at a pre-E3 bash in Los Angelas, Microsoft showed industry experts their previously named Project Natal project, now dubbed the Kinect. Scheduled to hit retail shelves November 4th, the motion-control […]

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