MLB 2K10 Preview

Sony might have come out the champ last year with the fan favorite MLB: The Show ’09, but 2K Sports emerges from the dugout with a flaming louisville slugger. MLB 2K10 goes under the knife, retooling a great portion of its gaming mechanics for a more surreal diamond experience baseball fanatics will savor. Now there are several new play modes and upgrades such as a revamped batting and pitching system, along with the newly created My Player mode—all featured for the ultimate faceoff between pitcher and batter.

My Player career mode seems to have the most vantage ground in 2K10, allowing gamers to create a player and take on any field position of their liking (yes, even pitcher and catcher). What makes 2K’s simulator even more realistic is being pulled in and out of the action at different moments during the duration of the game. Realistic gameplay at its finest.

Pitching in its whole entity has been beautifully tampered, boosting the whole experience for the better. This year, you’ll select your pitch with a face button and then complete a two-part gesture to launch your pitch. If you somehow manage to make an error in your pitch, have no fear, the “pitch analyzer” comes to the rescue, showing gamers exactly where they went wrong during the count.

The new Batter’s Eye has been spruced up to give only the most skillful batters an upper hand in the box. Even a fresh new Defense swing will debut. Also, the edition of the new Hurry Up Baseball, which enables you to cut through all the bothersome replays and cut scenes, moves the action along quicker to accommodate personal game times. So say “au revoir” to half-inning replays, walk-ups to the plate and other time-consuming montages.

2K focused their attention on their previous mishaps and the results speak for itself. MLB 2K10 will surely improve it’s earned run average on the diamond: Play Ball!


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