SAW Endgame Concludes Franchise

And so there won’t be two more films necessary to end the gorefest that is the SAW franchise. This time it’ll just be the seventh film that lays Jigsaw to rest, at least that’s what co-writer Patrick Melton states. Latino Review actually dug up an interesting interview from U.K Radio station 107.5 Demon FM, where Melton revealed a ton of spoilers concerning Saw VII 3-D with jockeys Matt Horn and David Murphy. Fair warning, spoilers do apply, and they’re really intriguing:

Matt Horn: Well I’m going to be going over the same generic questions I asked with Marcus. The one everyone seems to be asking is when is Saw going to end?

Patrick Melton: I mean, I think it’s going to end with Saw VII. I have a very strong feeling its going to end with Saw VII. That’s something we’re debating now. You saw in previous interviews or discussions where we thought Saw VIII would be the last one where we had the first trilogy and the second trilogy and then sort of a grand finale wrapped up in two films. But frankly because Saw VI hasn’t performed as well as we anticipated, the idea is well why make two movies when we can make one really excellent movie that wraps up as best we can? And it’s going to be in 3-D which sort of adds to the spectacle. So if you had to ask me, I don’t own the franchise, nor do I run the studio, but I have a feeling, a strong feeling that it’s going to be Saw VII which will be also known as Endgame. And nothing’s official yet, but that’s where we’re hoping things will go.

MH: I also asked Marcus since you said Saw VII might be the last Saw, does that mean we’ll ever find out whatever happened to Dr. Gordon?

PM: I can’t say anything official yet, but I think the thought around the camp is that let’s solve all questions by the end. Including that question. We wanted to resolve that because it is the 700 pound gorilla in the room…with a vague end in sight as most people have had, its sort of been been pushed off with us being able to often put…we read the scripts we had, we’ve always put in certain clues from each movie what happened to him, but a lot of that has been taken out of the films, but it seems that though right now the thought is to answer that question and wrap everything up in a wonderful nice package.

MH: Will we revisit any of the survivors (of Saw V) like Pamela, Brit or Mallick?

PM:Yes, actually we will. One thing that’s tricky with the Saw movies, because they are serialized which is good in some ways, but its difficult in other ways because it’s hard to bring back certain actors because of a scheduling conflict or they want a ton of money. It often isn’t feasible to bring them back but there is a huge centerpiece in VII that involves people that survived Jigsaw’s traps. Two who would arguably have survived, Brit (Julie Benz) and Mallick (Greg Bryk), would be a part of that. And so, I don’t know if they will specifically be in the movie, but they will be there spirit.

To get the entire interview in full, hit the source for more juicy details.


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