Tesla Motors Collaborate with Panasonic

Tesla Motors and Panasonic are collaborating on next-gen battery cells for electric cars. The nickel based lithium-ion battery cells are said to be cutting edge and have the highest energy density on the market. Tesla Motors will be including these cells in their latest battery packs. The name Tesla has been synonymous with innovation dating back to the 1900s when renowned scientist and to whom the carmaker is named after, Nikola Tesla, was ahead of his time; often referred to as crazy by his peers. However, Global Warming has changed his place in history. Many of his inventions are being reproduced today due to their uncanny efficiency and cleanliness. Panasonic has invested $1 billion in R & D towards these cells that will be included in Tesla battery packs due to their high capacity, light weight, durability and long life.

One Response to “Tesla Motors Collaborate with Panasonic”
  1. Lou Strecker says:

    I,d like more info on the tells…

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