Apple’s iPad Revealed, Specs Revealed

The long overdue and overly anticipated Apple Tablet is finally revealed. All the believers that were ridiculed for actually believing this day would come, enjoy you’re inglorious raving because you’ve earned it. Yesterday Apple finally revealed the device that caused plenty of whispering, dirty looks, and snide remarks. The iPad is real!

Compared to the iPhone 3G, the iPad is on steroids looking way more enhanced in specs and size. Prices start at $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB. Adding 3G costs $130, which is a bold move considering the iPad doesn’t have a Micro SD slot, or a video cam. This is the best tablet PC/Mac that we’ve ever seen; the mere capabilities far exceed any other on the market. In fact the iPad offers so much, users will wonder if its lacking anything it shouldn’t really have. Plus with app support for both Apple stores (App and iTunes) and new Apple store, the book store. Here’s a look at the features:

1GHz Apple A4 processor (custom)
0.5″ thick
1.5 pounds
9.7″ Capacitive touchscreen (1024×768)
16-64GB of SSD storage
3G available but not in all iPads
$14.99 for 250MB, $29.99 for unlimited data on AT&T (no contract)
3G iPads are unlocked, have GSM micro SIMs
Accelerometer, Compass
802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1
Runs iPhone apps in window or pixel doubling
Hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics
SDK out today
$499 for 16GB base model, $830 for all maxed out
Dock with hard keyboard available


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