MAINGEAR Feeds Hungry Gamers W/ Gaming Desktops

PC gamers have fasted for quite some time, but MAINGEAR cooks up a feast with their ultra-high performance gaming machines. Gamers…introducing…the F1X series. Your gamming appetite will be appeased, as the series features an overclocked Corei7 processor, maintenance free X20 liquid cooling, 12GB of triple–channel DDR3 memory, a Blu-ray burner, and 80 GB SSD. Appetite not filled? Well then, lets continue.

We’re looking at three models in the series: the F1X 200, F1X 500, and F1X 750. As the suffix numbers increase, so does the memory, graphics, storage, optical drive, etc. But honestly, nothing comes close to the F1X 750. She’s the top of the line model—loaded with” 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 Profssional, a Core i7 975 processor overclocked to 3.6 GHz, dual ATI Radeon HD graphics cards with 1GB GDDRS in CrossFire, and 12 GB triple-channel DDR3-1333 memory. It features an 80 GB Intel X-25 Gen2 SSD, as well as a 1.5 TB Western Digital HDD, and a 6x Blu-ray burner. In addition, a 22x DVD dual layer burner accompanies the F1X 750. Other features include MainGear x20 Watercooling, plus a 1000 W Silverstone power supply unit. All of that is just tech lingo for billy badass.

Now let’s break out of the surreal life. The series doesn’t come cheap. The base prices are as follows: $2,249 (F1X 200), $3,099 (FX1 500), and $5,149 (F1X 750). All three come with MAINGEAR’s 1-year warranty and will be available exclusively through Tiger,, and Now is it worth all of those Benjamins? Let us know when you come to terms with gaming reality.

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