GameQ Wednesday


PS3/Xbox 360

The time has come and gamers haven’t anticipated a FPS of this caliber since Halo 3. Activision continues their reign with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, enhancing every aspect of its predecessor from graphics to gameplay. Enjoy the all-new Special Ops Co-Operative Mode; get some multi-player mayhem action going in both first and yes, third person; or breeze through the epic single-player storyline. If your not playing Modern Warefare 2 at this very moment, something is wrong with you.



Console Phantasy Star games have never had much breakout success, but Sega has made the smart decision to continue the franchise on the portable circuit. The Nintendo DS’ dual-screen makes Phantasy Star 0 much more entertaining and appealing, as the upgraded fight system pushes the franchise to another level. Select from three race types and different classes, plus choose from a total of 14 customizable character types and over 350 original weapons. Sega’s picking up the pace.



Ubisoft has stepped it up with the TMNT franchise and it’s portable renditions. Following the successful blueprint of the original Turtles arcade game, Arcade Attack places gamers back in the Big Apple for some nostalgic beat’em action with the foursome, as they take down Shredder and his vast army of foot soldiers. What better way to celebrate 25 years of Turtle Power!


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