GameQ Wednesday


PS3/PS2/Xbox 360/Wii

It’s official, all Rock Band and Guitar Hero titles go in the closet. The turntables become the choice of peripheral this holiday season as Activison brings the wheels of steel to your living room. Choose from a variety of different records from numerous genres and mix, scratch and sample your work with a ton of gameplay options and modes. Activision even makes the turntable accommodating for southpaws as well. Prepare to slap the crossfader and show DJ legends Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Daft Punk who runs the dance floor.


Xbox 360

Sony’s most beloved duo return for their eight adventure and continue right where Tools of Destruction concluded. Ratchet must now save his best friend Clank from the wretched hands of Dr. Nefarious, filling in storyline plot holes R&C fans haven been pondering. Insomniac continues to produce bizarre weaponry and crazy accessories, like the all-new Hoverboots. The franchise has put out more sequels than any other platformer this decade, and it still doesn’t get tiring.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360

So Microsoft’s big payoff brings two exclusive GTA episodes to the 360. The already released “Lost and The Damned” & the all-new “Ballad of Gay Tony” come in a combination pack and the best part, no GTA IV is needed to play either episode. Re-enter Liberty City as biker gang leader Johnny or roam the streets as part-time hoodlum and club promoter Luis Lopez; adding to the crime rate and running the city the way it should be; through mischievous mayhem. PS3 owners lose out on this deal. Funny how Karma works with exclusivity.


PS3/Xbox 360

Tekken 6 goes multi-platform and introduces gamers to its largest line-up of characters (Nearly 40, including 6 new fighters). Take the fight online and face-off against the worlds best; customize your character to the fullest extent; or experience some of the ridiculous story modes and keep the fight against you and the CPU. A gorgeous HD presentation and quality 3-D action make Namco’s fighter the supreme fighting title for the holiday season. Knuckle Up!


Xbox 360

Microsoft’s version of Gran Turismo has managed to pull out two quality successors and they keep the momentum spinning with Forza Motorsport 3. Choose from a variety of exotic, muscle or import vehicles such as the Audi R8 V10 and Nissan 370Z; racing to the finish line in a fashionable manner. An improved physics and graphics engine, plus the addition of user-generated content via Xbox Live make this racer a speed demon for your racing collection. The graphics are beyond amazing!


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