GameQ Wednesday

PS3/PS2/PSP/Xbox 360/Wii

PS3/PS2/PSP/Xbox 360/Wii

Celebrating a video gaming sports milestone, 2K continues to prove why their basketball series has dominated the past 10 years. This year’s edition brings vs. and co-op gameplay, supporting up to 2-10 players online. Plus the new My Player Mode allows gamers to create players and manage their career moves. 10 years and still running the court like Jordan in his prime.

PS3/PSP/Xbox 360

PS3/PSP/Xbox 360

2K’s rival has shown progression the past couple of years, but they’re getting closer to taking back the crown. Run authentic plays from team playbooks and master Live’s Enhanced User Control, as you size up for special moves on both the defensive and offensive end. The new thrills end there. What more can be said? It’s a yearly title, the gameplay is bound to stay the same.

PS3/Xbox 360

PS3/Xbox 360

A SAW game was bound to happen sooner or later. This whole new chapter in the long-winded film franchise introduces gamers to a new pawn in Jigsaw’s game. Your partner has been killed and your stuck in an asylum rigged with booby traps and tests. Survive your test and discover the madman’s true message. Disarm torturous traps, beat the clock and determine who lives and who dies. I might not sound like much for the average gamer, but we’re sure fans of the film series will dig it.



Demon’s Souls is the RPG PS3 owners have been craving for. Combining action with role-playing elements, Atlus’ standout title breaks ground with revolutionary online gameplay, allowing players to leave hints for others, replay death scenes, cooperatively revive dead players, or invade and wreak havoc in another’s game. Create your own avatar and customize their equipment and powers. Who’s soul will you capture?


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