Retro-Active: Splatterhouse


OMG! How crazy was it the first time you played Splatterhouse on the Turbo Grafx-16, or even better, in the arcade? Yes, the hockey mask hero was a simple rip of Jason (minus the whole serial killer angle), but the gorefest this game pulled off was priceless.

Series protagonist Rick Taylor, and his girlfriend Jennifer Wills (both parapsychology majors) seek shelter at a mansion, where parapsychologist  Dr. West has been conducting obscure experiments. Once inside, Jennifer is kidnapped, while Rick gets knocked unconscious and is near his death bed. That is until the Terror Mask attaches itself to his face, giving him superhuman strength, as he embarks on his mission to save his girlfriend from the evil spirits that lurk in the mansion.


Splattering demons into the background with 2 x 4’s, blasting shotgun shells at rotten corpses and launching cement bricks at fetus-like creatures; its a B-Horror film in the presence of a video game. And we all know that good B-Horror defines great video game entertainment. 


Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, basically every horror game created…they all were heavily influenced by Splatterhouse. It was the first of its kind and pushed the envelope on the amount of blood spilled on a virtual screen. And we are lucky enough to have 2 sequels and a upcoming remake. Wii owners—the virtual console awaits your purchase.


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