Claire Redfield and Mega Man Mobile Bound


Capcom is killing it right now. They keep finding ways for us to revisit the same franchises over and over, and we keep falling into their hands like silly putty. Now we can take two more titles on the go, mobile that is, with Resident Evil: Uprising and Mega Man: Rush Marine. 

This fall we’ll be revisiting Raccoon City in the Nintendo Wii’s RE: The Darkside Chronicles, but its never to early to become infected. Uprising will take gamers back to RE2, where Claire Redfield continues to fight off zombies, lickers and the ever-pesting Tyrant. Yea, its really nothing new, but lets get real here, you know you’ll play it.  While we’re still on the same topic, take a look at a Resident Evil 4 port that made its way onto someone’s phone (see video), its pretty sick.


It’s about time Rush got some love. Mega Man plays sidekick in Rush Marine, which is a slight departure from the last blue bomber adventure (Mega Man 9). Nevertheless its still a side-scroller, an aquatic one to be exact. Hop on Rush and breeze through 10 difficult levels, fighting against robot masters with your numerous power-ups and stopping Wily from his mischievous dealings.

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