GameQ Wednesday

What do you know, the PSP is still putting out games. All sarcasm aside, Sony fanboys can still find some satisfaction from the ill-faded handheld with Patapon 2. This sequel continues where the original left-off, as the Patapon set sail for new lands and encounter a new foreign enemy. Ravage through 50 missions, 22 boss battles and 8 music-based mini-games, as your journey to Earthend continues.This rhythmic RTS is pure fun and is one of the few PSP titles that can compete with the addictive DS games on the market. A bargain bin steal!

2007’s PC Game of the Year comes packaged with its expansions (Warhead and Wars) to bring you the complete FPS experience. Go head-to-head with 32 players in several multi-player online modes or ride the loner’s path through the game’s critically acclaimed story mode. Strap-up the Nanosuit—the alien holocaust has just begun.

This Playstation remake (better yet, port) makes its way onto the Wii and incorporates the system’s motion-sensing controllers for some 2.5D fun. The gameplay is typical Rygar and the storyline is something out of a Saturday morning cartoon, but the graphics and environments till this day are ahead of its time. Klonoa’s always been one of the more underrated side-scrolling platformer adventures and continues to sneak under the radar.


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